Quality, Personified in wood

Heritage Marquetry

With Heritage Flooring Marquetry, you're not just purchasing a floor but a work of art, styled and engineered especially for you.

Marquetry is where the art of wood flooring truly shines through. It's not just the pattern of laying wood blocks, it's the design of how they all fit together and the art of mixing the classic styles with bespoke flooring styles. Below is our collection so far of our inspiring designs, each with their own unique style and inspiration that led to the creation of the design. This isn't just style, it's an art form.

  • A style your very own, Heritage Marquetry borders contribute to that personal touch in your private domain.
  • See how the addition of a Heritage Marquetry border adds style to your floor.
  • From our Heritage Marquetry range, the Exclusive Collection can transform your halls.
  • With the right furniture combined with Heritage Marquetry, the Fantasia Collection adds fantasy to your world.
  • Stylish Heritage Marquetry complements and enhances your dining experience here.
  • A stunning example of a Heritage Marquetry floor, finished and shining.
  • Heritage Marquetry, now installed at the lavish Lanesborough Hotel.
  • Rich patterns for relaxation, a Heritage Marquetry floor adds a special touch to your lounge.
  • Reinforcing professional and classy, this Heritage Marquetry floor looks great in a wood-panelled office.
  • From Heritage Marquetry, medallions can add that extra style to a wood floor.